Tri’s love for hip-hop began at an early age, with his uncle being a local rapper by the name of MC Royal in his neighborhood. He grew up influenced by Geto Boyz, N.W.A., and his mother vibing to the likes of Kool Moe Dee and LL Cool J around the house.

He developed an ear for putting words together, studying styles, word play, substance, energy, creativity and originality, which ultimately helped him to form his own style. He then took time over the years to perfect his style. Tri performed in showcases with Ill State of Mind before forming Lyve Wyrez Entertainment, of which he is a co-CEO.


Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Melo is one of the two founding members of the five-male R&B group I-VOYCE (founded in 2003). Performing with them for over a decade, Melo has traveled the country exhilarating music fans everywhere with his uniquely poetic voice, making appearances to open up for headliners such as Twista, Crucial Conflict, Bow Wow, Chris Brown and The Remedy, just to name a few. Separating from his group with good ties, he began his solo career.

Continuing with his rhythmic journey, Melo is a firm believer in the presence of amazing sound in all forms of music! “Beauty is in the ear of the listener” is what he often says. Coming from a musical background, his passion lies deep within his bloodline from his father, grandmother, aunts and cousins.

With a keen ear and a thirst for perfection, Melo’s grind for excellence shows through his work. His latest projects are soon to be released with help from his team. Networking with fellow artists, musicians and others who love and enjoy their craft keeps him focused on what’s important and the journey ahead.

Lil Lotto

Lil Lotto is a multi-talented songwriter, dancer, rapper, singer, model and actor from Chicago. He is a founding member of the hip-hop group Clubang’uz. Clubang’uz has completed several recordings. High Definition was the group’s first album with hit singles “Get Naked,” “18 to Dip 21 to Sip” and “Count It” co-written and performed by Lil Lotto.

Lil Lotto has collaborated with several local artists in his career to create a diverse body of work. Lil Lotto works closely with Shenobi, the other member of Clubang’uz. He has collaborated with Tri, Melo, T-Chi, Carlos and many others.

Currently Lil Lotto is recording his solo album with several tracks completed including his brand new singles “Puttin in Work,” “Adios Amigo,” “I Can Do It Better,” and “Soldiers.”

Lil Lotto has appeared in several independent films. He made his acting debut in Ousted and also has appeared in the independent film Hero. Lil Lotto is also a former model, having professionally modeled for Glamour Model Talent.

Lil Lotto has a real passion for music that is evident in the many talents he exhibits. Lil Lotto is laid back and very determined to be successful in all his ventures. His signature saying “Jackpot” echoes through his music, delivering a unique vibe.


Shenobi is no stranger to the music arena; he was literally born into it. His mother is an accomplished vocalist, singing support vocals for Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, James Brown, Willie Dixon and many others.

His father is a world-class percussionist who provided his expertise to Japanese artist Yasko Nagamie in the play ONI BABA, which grabbed national attention in Japan, where Shenobi’s father lived for several years. Now Shenobi seeks to take the music world by storm as the infamous “Beatslizer.”

He has had local success with several rap/hip-hop artists as a songwriter and producer and wants to expand horizons by hitting the national music scene. Currently Shenobi continues to create unique rap, hip-hop, R&B and dance styles.

He has written over 3000 beats and hopes to become a mainstream songwriter/producer following in the footsteps of many of the successful producers of our day. Using resources readily available to him from the local music community, Shenobi is confident that his contribution can achieve national acclaim.


Early's real name is William David Minter and he was born on April 29, 1989. He is the 7th of 10 children and has always had the tools to be a rapper. Growing up, he played rhyming word games with his sibling to sharpen his skills. He was also a part of different barbershop cyphers over the years.

This eventually led to him fooling around on a track himself with Tri, a fellow barber. That's when he realized he had a sound of his own and started to take it seriously. In the next month, he recorded 10 songs. The amazing feedback he received has only driven him to further pursue a career in music. With a different delivery and an ear for quality music, the sky is the limit.

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